A Few Thoughts

I’m Christine Blair, and I want to be the next Mayor of Colchester County.

A lifelong resident of Colchester, I know and understand our community.  I have met and worked with many of you during my years in the work force, as a community volunteer, and as a parent.  I have been your elected representative in municipal government for 24 years, serving on Colchester County Council and the Bible Hill Village Commission.

A good leader should have good experience.  My career has provided me with a wealth of experience and management expertise, including but not limited to

  • Executive Assistant to Minister and MLA, working in three provincial departments
  • Executive Assistant to the Nova Scotia Commissioner of Forest Enhancement; working with the Minister’s Advisory Board on Forestry issues
  • Executive Assistant to the Deputy Minister, Natural Resources

In these positions and in my role as Councillor on County Council for 11 years, I have dealt with everything from Natural Gas negotiations to barking dogs, unsightly premises to restructuring provincial government departments, and a lot in between.

Elected representatives need to be responsible and accountable.  Sometimes we have to be firm, while other situations call for negotiation and compromise.  I am known for looking at all sides of an issue, for initiating the “new” while honouring tradition, and exercising logic and old-fashioned common sense.  I know how to deal with crucial issues.  If you want someone with these capabilities, I am that person.

Any municipal council must be a team, working together to achieve common goals in the best interests of everyone in our county.  Council must work with the business community and with all levels of government, with courtesy and with diplomacy.  It is only when we work as a team that things move forward.  Opportunities are missed when the team approach is not there.  I believe that by working together we can make more positive things happen in Colchester!

It’s been a privilege and an honour to look out for the interests of my community, to serve as your voice on important issues and to help Colchester become the successful community it is today.  As your new Mayor, my commitment to you will remain the same; I will speak out on your concerns, I will work hard and in your best interests, and I will act responsibly on your behalf.  Together, we will deal with the many opportunities and challenges facing us.

It is an honour, a privilege and a humbling experience to have your faith placed in me for so many years.  Please allow me to give back to you and to this community.  I ask for your support as Mayor for the Municipality of the County of Colchester on October 15th.